Obstinate – 2.5D Based Project

Here is a video of a project of a game called Obstinate. A 2.5-D experience taking place in the world of a northern cult that worships the deity known as a Wendigo. In this game, I have taken the role of a head-designer for this project. I have contributed many of the features shown of in the video including the level layouts and level designs, the world building aspects, the theming and tone, and textboxes and UI Design. I did also do some programming into the game such as the level sequences and some of the screen transitions.

Our main programmers for the events in the game were Conner Seacat and Valerie Walters. With Sprite creating and art by Lauren Hausmann. There are a few extra parts not shown off in the video, and more things that were planned for this small alpha build, but they were taken out and put on hold due to time restraints and complications.

Music was retrieved from a copy-right music site, and some sprites were purchased from packs on Itch.io

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